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How to Remove AiraCrop Ransomware Virus – Terminate Ransomware that Encrypts Files

About AiraCrop ransomware virus

AiraCrop ransomware is a dangerous computer infection. This infection poses a severe threat to your computer and your files and classified it as a Trojan ransomware. Redshitline encrypts the user files with a strong cypher and uses the ransom email plus a .xtbl file extension after it.

It is really complicated or even impossible to eliminate AiraCrop ransomware virus if you are not a programmer or advanced cyber security specialist, thus you will need some help from anti-malware software. Please notice that anti-virus software can be helpless in this case and you need powerful anti-malware software, such as SpyHunter or RegCure Pro. You can simply download one of these applications and scan your computer with it. Want to have a quick scan to check your PC security? Download Free Scanner Here!

This ransomware uses the RSA-2048 encryption method, which can finish its task in a matter of a few seconds up to one minute depending on how many files it needs to process and how fast your computer is, of course. All the encrypted files get the “” extension. It merely claims that your files have been encrypted and you are to send an infected file to the given e-mail address within three days or else you can forget about your files. You are supposed to get a reply with instructions regarding the payment. This usually takes place through a Bitcoin account.

As a matter of fact, it is quite easy to completely get rid of this malware. All you have to do is delete all the files this malware created on your system. Please use our guide below to make sure that no leftovers remain on your computer.

How to prevent ransomware infections?

  • Ransomware is on a rise nowadays, and we hear about new ransomware variants every week. Be careful, because there are many dangerous viruses that were released recently – Locky, KeRanger, Maktub Locker, Alpha Crypt, and many others.
  • Commonly, they are directly sent to victims via email, and they come in a form of email attachment disguised as a safe file. No matter how curious you are, the key to the safety is ignoring emails that come from unknown senders. Keep in mind that cyber criminals often pretend to be official partners of well-known companies; do not fall for their tricks!
  • Ransomware can be downloaded to a computer if user accidentally installed a Trojan horse some time ago. To prevent such threats, it is advisable to keep a reliable anti-malware program installed on the system, as such malicious computer viruses usually enter the computer system silently while pretending to be some safe program or file. They run malicious processes in the background, so it is hard to notice them.
  • Avoid visiting high-risk websites. Try to stay clear of pushy and annoying pop-up ads and banners, as they usually seek to make user click on them and then redirect him/her to some deceptive website. If you notice such ads whenever you browse the Internet, you should scan your computer with SpyHunter or another reliable anti-malware.
  • Instead of opening files you download from the web, save them on your system. This way, you give your computer security software some time to check the reliability of the file.
  • Backup important files to an external drive regularly. Practicing this technique keeps your important data safe in case some ransomware manages to enter your computer system. Keep the backup drive unplugged from the computer.

You can see this note from AiraCrop ransomware virus below:

Encrypted Files!

All your files are encrypted. Using encryption AES 256-bit and RSA-2048-bit.
Making it impossible to recover the files without the correct private key.
If you are interested in getting is key, and retrieve your files
visit one of the links and enter your key;

Alternative link:

To access the alternate link is mandatory to use the TOR browser available on the link


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