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How to Remove Screen Addict toolbar In Minutes! Screen Addict toolbar Redirect Issue Removal

Brief Introduction of Screen Addict toolbar

Screen Addict toolbar is actually classified as a browser hijacker that is often bundled with free programs and installed along with them without your knowledge. If you notice that intrusion of Screen Addict toolbar, you may find that web pages always get redirected to Screen Addict toolbar is capable of modifying the default settings including browser homepage and search engine. All your popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can be the target of it. You should never take it slightly.

Once infected, Screen Addict toolbar will provide you with nothing helpful but cause numerous troubles. For example,

* Your browser default homepage and search engine can be replaced with Screen Addict toolbar automatically.
* You may be redirected to other unwanted or sponsored websites which may contain malicious contents.
* You may get an error or pop-up ad encouraging you to download software that you never asked for.
* Your operating system might seem generally slow and web pages are slow to load.
* You may get browser toolbars you haven’t seen before or advertisements are popping up multiple times.
* It may track your browsing trace online and collect your browsing habits such as search terms, pages viewed, downloads/uploads, data entered in certain websites, clicks, etc., and share those information with third parties for commercial purposes.

All in all, Screen Addict toolbar is a nasty browser hijacker that provides you with nothing helpful services but bring lots of problems. Thus, to stop irritating pop-up ads and unexpected browser redirection, to bring back a normal PC operation, and to keep your system away from any PC threats, Screen Addict toolbar should be kicked out of your computer without any hesitation.

Step 1: Stop background processes related to Screen Addict toolbar pop-up from Task Manager.

1) Press Ctrl+Alt+Del/Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys at the same time to quickly open Task Manager.

2) In the pop-up System Task Manager, click on Processes tab then select the unwanted processes running in the background, click on End Process button to disable them instantly.

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